Wednesday, September 2, 2009

BBT Chart

So this month I've been religiously taking my BBT at 6:30am every morning, and then going back to sleep again until I have to get up for school. So far since CD19 when I ovulated, my temps haven't risen all that much. I know that doesn't count me out completely, but all the other Hypothyroid, PG, charts I've looked at, their BBT rise at least 0.5 degrees past their O temp and keep rising. Mine has risen then dropped slightly, risen again then dropped slightly. Maybe a 0.2 degree difference, the highest temp I recorded was 98.0, my O temp was 97.45, but that was 2DPO. I'm now 5DPO and my temp this morning was 97.69. Blah. I haven't lost hope yet, but unless my temp starts magically increasing, the odds don't look all that good.

I have my very first RE appt next Wed, which will be 12DPO. I'm thinking of testing on 11DPO, and if it's positive then I'll still be able to cancel my RE appt without getting a penalty fee. But if my temps don't start rising, I'm not going to even waste the test, and I'll just go ahead to the appt. SIGH...... If only it were simpler.


  1. I found temping to be too frustrating. I think I only did it for a month or two. Mine never followed any pattern and were always all over the place, so I gave up and just went off of other signs. Best wishes for the rest of you TWW.

  2. I would still keep your RE appointment. Doing charting plus a RE's help may be very beneficial. I could never keep up with temping.

  3. OMG! It is letting me comment this time! As always, I am so hoping this is it for you. But if it is not- the RE appt. is only days away. I have good feelings that an RE is a great step for you. Can't wait to hear about how it went.