Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st RE Appt

So I just had my first RE Appt today with Rob, and it went exactly like I expected it to. We went over all of our history and he agreed with me that Clomid was out of the question again, which I am very happy about. Once AF comes this next time, which should be any day, I'll be calling and setting up:
1. HSG
2. U/S
3. Rob's S/A and Morphology Test
4. Progesterone Check (7days after O)

I'm excited about finally getting to the bottom of everything. He thinks our first treatment will be either Letrozole or Menopur. So on to waiting for AF and then setting up all the tests. Hopefully we'll be able to schedule them all on the same day, so we won't have to miss too much work to drive down to Jacksonville.


  1. Yes! So glad that (at least) it was what you thought it would be. Did you feel in tune with the RE? Doesn't it feel good to be working with someone now whose goal is 100% to get your PG, not just get you healthy and hope for the best? Then you know that he (she) is going to be working in your favor with your goals in mind. I hope you sleep just a little bit better tonight knowing that you finally have a game plan that's going to work!!!

  2. I'm glad that you had a great visit and getting started with everything. Good luck!