Saturday, September 17, 2011

One Month

I haven't been able to post or blog because we turned off our internet.  Things have been going pretty well.  Liam is still having issues really late at night just being unconsolable.  He is exclusively on breastmilk now, which I'm rather proud of.  He eats about 3.5oz per feeding about 6-7 times a day.  Last night we ended up giving him about 4.5oz at his early morning feeding and I guess that was enough to let him skip another morning feeding.  He usually goes down around 9-10pm and sleeps until 2am, then eats again and is up almost every 3 hours after that.  But Rob decided since he was crying his head off after eating/being changed, he might still be hungry so we tried some more and he took it down no problems and slept in until 6:45am.  I think we're going to try giving him 4oz for his last bottle and see if that lets him sleep longer and then try another 4oz at his early morning feeding.  I just don't want to over-feed him and make him sick.  We just transitioned from 3oz bottles to 3.5oz bottles over the past week or so.  But if he needs more then I certainly want him to have it.  I'm exclusively pumping all of his milk now and I'm actually able to save some in the freezer each day.  I could probably save more than I do, but I like to be about 2-3 bottles ahead just in case I can't pump or something happens with my supply.  I BF him every now and then, but he gets so freaking hot and sweaty laying on me and then he takes almost an hour or more per side and honestly giving him a bottle for 30 minutes seems alot easier.  I enjoy BF him, it certainly feels better than pumping, but I don't know, I may just do it every now and then to console him or if I just can't find the time to pump and it's time for him to eat.  That's what happened yesterday.

He's so much more awake now it's crazy.  He hardly takes any naps during the day which means I get absolutely nothing done.  Rob and I have been fighting alot more mostly about not having enough time in the mornings for us to get what we need to done before he leaves for work.  I think he resents me needing the time to pump, but I'm going to stand my ground on that and keep it up for as long as I can.  I don't know what will happen when I start work, but I'll cross that bridge when it comes.  Rob claims that if he watched him all day he'd have all the laundry done and the house clean and do it with a smile.  I told him try me.  So we'll see if his next day off he's willing to take care of him solely.

Rob still doesn't have confirmation on a job in ATL.  We close on the house on Sept 28, and we still don't have a place to live.  We can't commit to a rental until he has a position up there.  We have an offer to stay with a friend for free with all of our animals for as long as we need.  She's an older woman that I met at school and her kids are all grown and gone, so she has a huge home and tons of empty rooms.  If it comes to us having to move in with her temporarily it will be a blessing just so that we can save up some money.  Rob should hear something the end of next week on the 23 about a potential job.  If that falls thru and the other position he's interviewed for doesn't work, I have no idea what we're going to do.  I'm scared out of my mind, but it is what it is.  Worst case scenario we either live apart for a little while or he quits his job to stay at home allowing me to start my job.  Please pray he gets either of the jobs, we need this desperately!  We are going back to ATL for the day on Wed to look at a few more rentals, just to see.  We looked on Thursday and everything was such crap it was so upsetting.  The one house we liked was in a sketchy neighborhood and when I saw 2 pit-bull mixes tied to a tree next door, that house was off the list.  I'm hoping things fall into place at the last minute, they seem to do that for us alot lately.  It will be nice to be done with selling the home, but the not knowing what's next is killing me.