Sunday, April 24, 2011

ER Visit

Things have been really uneventful as far as my pregnancy goes since we found out we were having a boy, except about a week ago I started getting this weird cervical pain and alot of pressure. It would come and go and I figured maybe it was the baby just being in a weird position. Well on Friday afternoon while sitting at my desk at school I got some extremely intense pelvic pain and some tightening and cramping above my pubic bone on either side. I thought it was probably ligament pain, so I stayed seated but after 15 min it wasn't going away. I took some tyle.nol and waited a little longer before breaking down and calling the OB. Unfortunately b/c it was a Friday and the weekend of Easter, they were closing early and basically told me to go straight to OB triage since the pain wasn't going away. I couldn't believe it. I knew I wasn't having contractions, but the nurse told me if it was "normal" ligament pain it would hurt for a little while but go away relatively quickly. So I dropped everything I was doing, called Rob and made my way to the hospital. I cried the whole way there, but my wonderful friend Carli stayed on the phone with me and made sure I made it there in one piece. Rob luckily had no trouble getting off work, but of course he went to the wrong entrance so I had to wait a little while by myself.

I got to the front desk and broke down just because I was scared, not because of the pain. I mean I knew that if it was something really serious it was way too early for our little guy to survive. This thought alone was enough to make me want to fall to my knees. I filled all my paperwork out with Rob sitting by me. The nurse finally called me back and when she asked my name I couldn't even speak. They made me strip down completely and put on a hospital gown and do a urine test. Honestly at this point I was just thinking, "I haven't shaved in like two weeks, my legs are so hairy right now." I made my way over to the bed they had ready for me and another nurse hooked up a contraction monitor. They took my BP and it was surprisingly normal even though I was so stressed out. One of the nurses found the Hb with a doppler and all was well. The OB finally came in and did a very quick U/S. I couldn't see anything b/c he was standing in front of me, but I caught a few glimses and baby boy is still breeched. Everything still looked fine and he checked for clots or any other abnomalities, but they're weren't any. He then did a cervical check and holy crap that hurt worse than any pain I'd previous felt. I swear he stuck his whole hand up there! My cervix was high and still tightly closed, so no issues there. Basically he thinks I had severe ligament pain and they don't really know what caused it. The nurse thinks maybe I got up too quickly and taught me the proper way of getting up from a chair and from lying down so that I can maybe prevent this from ever happening again.

I know if the OB had been open and it wasn't a holiday weekend I could have gone in without any problems and I wouldn't have even had to go to the ER. But, just being in OB triage, knowing it was way too early to be there, was unbearable. I love this little guy so much already, I just can't imagine losing him after coming this far.

This Easter I'm very thankful and feel very blessed. I am blessed for the family and friends that I have, but above all the opportunity God has given me to be pregnant. I know that I need to cherish each and every day that I have being pregnant. It is truly a gift, one I honestly thought I was never going to experience.