Friday, August 28, 2009

The Elusive Smiley Face

So I did my normal morning routine and OPK'd, and to my absolute joy I saw a big beautiful smiley face staring back at me. I know most people don't get excited about Oing, but for me it's huge. The past 3 months I have O'd on my own without the use of any fertility meds. I took Clomid for about 8 months and only ovulated 3 of those months. It's the beginning of another long 2ww (Cycle #27), but at least I know I can have a 2ww. That little bit of hope has come back, maybe just maybe this will be my time and I can cancel that RE appt for Sept 9. Wouldn't that be something?


  1. Yea for ovulating ;D Good job and good luck!

  2. That is so fantastic Melissa!!!!

    Seeeee, all the hard work you've done with your new doctor is paying off!!!

    I am really, really happy for you. Now go get busy with that wonderful husband of yours! We need another BFP on the board!

  3. Yay for ovulating! I hope that this tww ends in two beautiful pink lines for you!