Thursday, July 30, 2009

You Can Take Your Sandwich and Shove It!

Since, I'm trying not to think about whether I am or am not PG, I've tried to keep busy with labwork and exercising. I'm super excited to report that since May 15 I've lost 12lbs. My goal is to lose another 10-15lbs, and hopefully by this time when I'm in great shape, get PG, and gain it all back. That's my dream anyway.

So today for dinner I had a spinach salad and a yogurt. Not the greatest dinner in the world, but healthy. Rob got home at 9:00pm and expected me to have dinner ready for him. I'm not a cook, don't pretend to be a cook, and hate cooking. He thinks this will all change once I get PG and we have kids. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. Anyway, we had shopping we had to get done and he got pissed saying, he didn't want to cook for himself. He asks if we can go out to eat, always a fall-back for him. I said no, we need to cut back on going out. What does he do, pulls into Chick-Fil-A and grabs a sandwich. Are you kidding me? He then proceeds to eat it in front of me, just to piss me off. And the greatest thing of all, he can eat like this and still lose weight. He's lost more than me and has exercised less, and eaten more junk food that I wish I could eat. It is so unfair. Why do men get it easy when it comes to losing weight?

On another note, I'm psyching myself out thinking I'm cramping. Weird cramping, not AF cramping. I'm CD32, but only 7dpo, approximately. I'm going to try and wait to test in another week. Here's hoping this is my month.


  1. When I read your title, at first I thought you did what all of us have envisioned doing and let a fertile myrtle have it. Oh my gosh though! 12 lbs! That is awesome! Good for you- and I bet that other 10-15 will come off in no time.

  2. Wow 12lbs! Good for you!!!

    Ugh, Brian has a bionic metabolism. He can eat anything and never see it on his hips... My problem is that I love to cook too much. It's harder to make a spinach salad when I know I could pan fry the spinach with olive oil and prosciutto...

    Anyway, thanks for your really sweet comment on my blog. I'm really grateful for your support.

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