Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vacation Way Too Short

So I got back from our trip to Tampa a little while ago. The house smelled like 'animal', which could only mean the dogs probably crapped and peed in the kitchen and our neighbors just didn't clean it up all the way. There were medical bills piled up on the kitchen table, what else did I expect to see when I got home. We spent way too much money on the trip, but we got some nice clothes. We certainly won't be going anywhere else anytime soon, or even going out to eat again for a very long time. I hate coming back from vacation and having reality slap you in the face as a 'welcome home.' I just want to go anywhere else, but here. I don't want to go to work, I don't want to do chores, I don't want to pay bills, but I have to. I'm starting to get sad again, the only reason why we went on this trip was so I could forget about TTC, which I did. But coming back and having to pay bills and realize how much we actually spent, and that I had wanted to spend that money on maternity clothes or a baby, just makes me sad. I don't know what will happen this month, if I'll even ovulate. I really hope I do. I just want a chance, b/c a 0% chance is too hard to take.


  1. Ugh. Why does coming home from vacation have to be such a downer?! It always seems to be a rude awakening. I'm sorry you had so much bunk to come home to...

    But look on the bright side. You have a whole new cycle ahead of you!


  2. The end of vacation is the worst feeling. Getting back to reality sucks, especially when you're going through IF. I'm glad you got to indulge on your vacation even if it was short because you deserved it but I also hate the reality of getting back to a budget and not being able to splurge for awhile. That is a crappy feeling too. I hope that you have some great memories to take with you. When you're feeling down try to remember all the fun you had in Tampa. I know, easier said than done. I hope you O on your own this month! It really sounded like you did last time so it will be interesting to see this month. Big hugs!

  3. I totally understand that end-of-vacation feeling. I remember having a temper tantrum when we needed to leave Jamaica, b/c I didn't want to come back to the real IF world. I hope you took pictures. If you did, make one your desktop background or frame it to remind you of the good time you had.