Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just Waiting

Why is it that it always feels like I'm waiting for something? Waiting to hear back results from a doctor, waiting to find out if I O'd, waiting to find out if I got my BFP. It's always a waiting game, and I have no patience for it. People keep telling me be patient, be patient. I am not a patient person, and waiting for something like this doesn't just magically make me patient. In fact this whole IF struggle has made me very impatient. I still haven't gotten any calls from my new doc in SC about all the labwork that had to be redone. I still get angry every time I think about it. I took a week off from work, had to spend four days with my parents, who drive me nuts, and to top it off, the doctor's office screws up my labwork. WTF? IF is hard enough as it is, but to deal with doctor's who don't seem to understand the importance of everything being done, is just beyond me.

P.S- God just give me one more glimmer of hope, please let me O. At this point O'ing is about as good as it gets for me.

Side Note: CONGRATS KATIE!!! (Notice my "3" exclamation points. I'm still pulling for multiples.)


  1. AGH! I just want to scream for you! They haven't even called you back yet? I say call them. If you bug them, eventually they will either a.) get the point that time is of the essence b.) get tired of hearing from you and give you what you want.

    Drink a big ol' glass of something with alcohol for me. Tonight, not now :)

    Just remember that you did O on your own last month. That counts for something. And, as always, hang in there.

    Thanks for the shout out, too. :)

  2. I'm so sorry Melissa. Your doctor really screwed up and there is no excuse. I always hated when people told me to be patient. As if we have a choice! It's not like their words will magically make everything better. In most cases it just makes you mad. And the easy answers aren't want you want to hear in IF. "Be patient, it will happen." "Just relax, your time will come" and many others still have me hurling in disgust when I hear them being used. Ugh, so frustrating. I really hope you O this month. And I hope things start to turn around. You really have been dealing with this for a LONG time. BIG HUGS!!!