Saturday, June 20, 2009

This Sucks!

So here I was thinking I was being so proactive, BDing whenever, wherever, like my counselor suggested. But stupid, naive me, didn't think about the consequences. So now, after my week of fun, I have a UTI and possible kidney infection. That's just great. So Rob gets to have all the fun without the consequences and I'm stuck with pain when I pee. How is that fair? Well, now I know, and it won't happen again. Well, it will happen again, but I refuse to get another UTI because of it. :-)

At least one good thing happened during the week. I'm pretty sure I O'd without the use of Clomid. If felt exactly like it did when I O'd the three times previously, and it was only on my right side. Horrible cramping, doubled over, and then it was gone in a few hours. But, why am I second guessing that it really happened? I guess because I've felt like nothing went the way it was supposed to and I can't just go with the flow. So I'm going to think illogically, that it did happen and we BDed exactly when we needed to and that this UTI won't have an affect on the outcome. Now just to remind myself to keep thinking this.....

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  1. Hey there, I'm taggin' you with the Honest Scrap Award for your honest and heartfelt posts!


    Hope you are feeling the effects of the medication by now!