Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Counselor Appt, Bad Day

So my first counselor appt went pretty good. She seems nice and doesn't seem to think my feelings about IF aren't warranted. She actually took Clomid hereself to get PG, so she does know a little about it. AF arrived on her own last night CD40, which is good since I didn't have to take Provera to make her start. Then to top it off I had my annual Pap. Remind me never ever to do this when on AF. If I had known AF was coming I would have re-scheduled, but since AF never shows on a regular basis, I had no idea she would come even at all. My GYN was nice about it all, but I was so grossed out by it. I told him about my new plan of action, and he understands and thinks it's probably a good idea to get my Thyroid regulated before starting back on IF treatments. He still wants to get Rob's Strict Morphology, but we may have to wait a while with all my medical bills piling up. Then as if it couldn't get any worse, I'm getting sick, yet again. I started getting a sore throat last night and cough this morning that's just gotten worse. I'm losing my voice and I sound like a boy going thru puberty, voice cracking and all. I have an appt first thing in the morning with an NP and my GP's office, which more than likely means another antibiotic. God can I have a break, please???

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  1. Doesn't it always seem like it is one step forward, two steps back? ((HUGS))

    I am surprised that you could get the Pap with AF- I thought you couldn't b/c it increases the chance of abnormal results. Huh- maybe I didn't have to reschedule my last one so many times.

    I am a little sick too- hope we are both better soon!