Friday, May 1, 2009

Beach, "O", and Baby (Not A Good Combo)

So I am so ready to go to the beach. I'm counting the hours down. I'm leaving my research at home, my computer, and anything else that would prevent me from enjoying myself. I'm going to stock up on some new books to read and take my Nintendo DS to play some games (don't laugh, I kick butt at BrainAge).

So I call Rob's mom yesterday to talk to her about the trip and guess what? Rob's cousin, his wife, and brand new baby are coming for 4 days while I'll be there. Great, absolutely great. So instead of escaping from TTC and babies, I get to endure a lovely four days of nothing but baby, b/c of course Rob's mom is going to go crazy over the baby.

And then to top it off, that will be right when I'm supposed to O. Did I also mention Rob's brother and his wife are coming around that time too. And the best part, there are only 3 bedrooms, and one lovely sofa bed. So I guess I'm going to have to fight to get a bedroom, probably with Rob's brother and his wife. I might even have to use the "I'm ovulating, I need a bed" excuse. Or better yet, we'll have to sneak outside late at night and have a little BD on the Beach. Who knows, maybe a little sand and surf is all I need to get PG.

So here's to hoping for a nice relaxing week at the beach, TTC free; and being screwed over in the end, literally.

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  1. Ugh, Melissa, I am so sorry you're going to have to be around a baby at the beach. I was hoping that this was going to be a nice time for you to get away, relax, and de-stress. I guess that's not likely now, huh? And you better fight hard for that bedroom! Although it would be pretty neat to tell your child that he/she was conceived on the beach... :)