Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Not What I Expected

So my appointment on Monday at 37wk showed that I didn't progress much from the previous week.  I'm at 0 station and about 1/2-1cm dilated, the OB kind of gave me that.  My BP was higher than normal for me but the nurse just brushed it off.  So yesterday at about 4pm I started having contractions, like the braxton hicks but this time accompanied with some cramping.  Only problem was they came every 4-6 minutes.  I monitored up until 8pm, same thing for 4 hours straight.  So I decided to go into triage, to get checked.  No change from Monday, was having some "minor" contractions but they basically told me not to come back unless they are bad enough that I can't walk/talk while having one.  Okay, got it.  However, while they were monitoring me my BP was pretty high, highest they got was 142/95.  Not good.  So they did bloodwork, that came back normal.  So they released me but made me do a 24hr urine collection, which I'll finish tomorrow morning.  If the results are bad, then I could be induced early.  Today I've been on self-imposed bedrest.  My last day at the lab was yesterday before the contractions started, so I'm glad I made that decision.

As far as the house, we just got through all the inspections.  Unfortunately we didn't pass our WDO and there's stuff that was found on the home inspection, but I should have been prepared for it.  Hopefully some things well be able to fix ourselves and the others well just have to pay to get done.  I don't think I realized that we would have to basically PAY to sell our home, but in this economy that's the norm I guess.  We are basically, once all is said and done, starting out completely broke in ATL.  We're going to have to rely on our parents because in all honesty with the repairs and closing costs totalling close to $15000 (this includes what we still owe on our mortgage), we will basically have nothing left.  I'm scared beyond measure.  I'm upset that we weren't able to get more for our home, but I understand that we are beyond lucky to even be under contract right now.  I know that we'll make it somehow.  No matter what I will provide for this child and Rob will too.  It's going to be a new chapter in our lives and I guess starting out completely "fresh" in a way, will force us to make alot of changes.  We certainly won't be buying a home anytime soon.  Like probably not for another 5 years or more, it's just not worth it right now.  We should be finished paying off our IVF loans and car loan within 4 years, and I think once that happens it will certainly be alot better than it is.  Plus since I'll be making almost double what I made as a grad student, at least we'll be pulling in more that we ever have with 2 salaries. 

I'm just taking it one day at a time and praying along the way.  I know things will be okay, but it still doesn't mean I haven't lost sleep or cried about everything that has been going on.  It's just alot to take in all at once right now.


  1. how exciting to think that your baby will be here soon! verrrry soon!

    sorry to hear about the house situation -- but as you said, at least it's under contract. i'm sure everything will all work out. and the crying about things must just be hormonal..because i've been crying over just about anything!

  2. You really do have a lot on your plate. Congratulations on selling your house and you're so right-- selling a house now is a million times different than selling a house 5 years ago. It sounds like you have a good plan of action for your future anyway- paying off your debt and holding off on buying a house. Smart choices. I have complete faith that you and Rob will get through this stressful time and build the best life for little Liam.

  3. Glad all the tests came out ok. Getting closer!

    I know the feeling with the house. We lost about $10K a couple years ago. We even had to put a new roof on and they refused to increase the homes appraisal! I was ticked.

  4. I am sorry that you are under continued stress. I hope things are on the upswing from here on out!

  5. I've been thinking about you. Selling a house is not fun, especialy when someone is picking it apart after all that you have put into it in making it a home. It is hard not to take it personal. It is also a really difficult thing to come to a place to accept that you will not be walking away with a profit after such an investment. I hope that your search for a home in ATL will go smoothly even with the plan to rent.