Thursday, January 28, 2010

Decision Time

Well I called my RE today to check on Rob's test results and the nurse was like it takes 3 weeks for the results. I told her well the doctor told us 10 days or so, why the difference? She didn't know and told me to call back next week. Argh, more waiting, which I am no good at. But I did talk to the IVF nurse coordinator who told me that even if Rob's results are good, if his sample is bad on the day of the ER then they will do ICSI anyways, which makes me feel better. At least they are using their discretion to determine if ICSI is necessary. I also found out that to do the IVF Guarantee Program it will cost exactly $17000 up front. But this includes 3 IVFs and 3 FETs. The best part is that if you don't reach 20 weeks and you M/C, then you can continue with the treatments. So basically if the 1st IVF or FET works and I don't reach 20 weeks I still get to continue with the process. If we just do a regular IVF it will cost $10000 up front, but with this it does not include the 20 wk M/C guarantee, that's where the other program's benefits come into play. If we did the other cheaper IVF and I M/C at any time we would be out all of that money. For $7000 extra I think it is well worth it. Now the financing fun begins. I've called one place and they couldn't offer us the whole amount and they wanted to give us a 16.25% interest rate, which I think is outrageous. Our credit union is working on something now for us, so hopefully it will be much better. As long as we could at least get $15000 approved, we could come up with the rest and whatever meds are going to cost for each cycle. So much to think about, but at least I feel proactive. We are probably going to meet with Rob's parents next weekend to go over everything, they'll let us know what they can do to help financially, which is such a blessing. I'm so thankful that they are so supportive, unlike my parents who still think I should be done with grad school. But that's another story. TGIF!!


  1. UGH, that is so frustrating that you have to wait so much longer for the results! It's funny how misinformed doctors are with how long results take, I've run into that problem myself.

    I think it's great that you are being so proactive with your financing, and it's fantastic that Rob's parents will be able to help.

    TGIF, indeed. Have a great weekend!

  2. We are waiting on genetic/chromosome testing as well. Two more weeks for us!

    The package deal sounds like a good option. That’s what I’d probably do.

  3. I would def do the m/c package too.