Monday, December 7, 2009


So today is one week post IUI#2 and I'm sick, with a sinus infection most likely. Rob was sick last week and I'm sure I caught it from him. We got back from Disney last night. We had a really nice time, even though I wasn't feeling great. We went to Hollywood Studies and Magic Kingdom on Saturday, we were there from 10am til 12pm. We went on every ride we could and even got to go on Space Mountain, which has been closed for renovations for a while. On Sunday we spent the day at Dowtown Disney, just shopping around.

It's so stupid but there were so many baby things that I wanted to buy, but I stopped myself from getting anything else. When we went two weeks ago, I got a onesie and bib with Mickey on them, it's red, so pretty generic. I got one set for us and one for our friends who are PG for Christmas. It's stuck in the back of our hall closet with some of the other baby onesies I've been stashing. I'm starting to wonder if I'm just buying gifts for other people, not something I'll ever be able to use. Our friends will find out the gender around Christmas. I can't believe it, but I feel like we are losing them as friends just like I lost the friend I had a school once she became PG. We don't spend as much time together anymore, we don't talk as much anymore either. They've changed and we've changed. I really hate this.

I don't have any symptoms, I had some cramping a few days ago, but I'm not really reading into it. I'm just trying to prepare myself for the worst again. I'll probably start temping around Wed or Thurs and keep track of my morning temps. At least that will give me an idea of whether it will be a BFN again. I think if my temps start dipping, I won't even bother wasting a test unless AF doesn't show for a while. This is it, the last shot for a BFP in 2009. As the months go by, it's getting closer and closer to not even having a chance to have a baby in 2010. Our 3 year mark is rapidly approaching too. All these milestones, that I wish I could forget about.


  1. I'm right behind you at 6dpo. I don't have any big symptoms either. I hope you feel better soon!

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  3. In my hours of googling early pg symptoms I have learned (for what it's worth, coming from dr. google) that sometimes being sick in the 2ww is a good thing. The logic is that it lowers the body's immune system and thus its defenses against foreign things like blasts. Hope this is your cycle too, glad we can be 2ww buddies, it definitely helps to know I'm not alone. I think you have a healthy approach - waiting it out before testing. I don't know if I'll be able to. I'm still in that pee-stick happy stage (and I have the super cheap ones from earlypgtests. But if some symptoms don't manifest soon, I might be too cynical to even try.

    As far as onesies, I haven't let myself go there. In fact I was just complaining to C about how V told me someone gave her the entire kids line of ralph l@uren when V's son was born. I was telling C how I really didn't need to hear that given that "I can't even buy a onesie." I think that resonated with her. Fertiles just cannot understand until its set out in black and white. Sorry this is a tough time, it is for me too - you're not alone.

  4. I hate that losing friends is part of all of this. It's awful that we have to choose self preservation over celebrating happiness with our loved ones.

    Hope the next week flies by with nothing but good new for you!!!

  5. Praying for you! Call/text me if you want to meet up soon. We'll be heading back to Mem.phis in about 2 weeks. I took the girls back yesterday so I am pretty free.

    Praying for a BFP for you!