Thursday, December 10, 2009


So I've been temping since Wed morning and so far I've gotten 98.47, 98.41, and then this morning on Day 10, 97.57. Um, could it be an implantation dip? I'm hoping and praying that it is. I don't know if I'm imagining cramping, or weird uterine feelings, but geez I'm going nuts over this 2ww. Maybe it's because it's real this time, the possibility that we may get a BFP finally. All I know is that if my temp doesn't go up tommorrow morning, it's probably over. Those two temps are the highest I've ever had during a cycle, normally my BBT runs well below 98, even during my luteal phase. Ugh, I hate this, over analyzing everything. Just shoot me now.


  1. I am over analyzing everything too. 2ww is the worst. Good luck!

  2. I hate it too and it's impossible to escape. Those hi temps sound awesome and cd10 is a perfectly average time to implant. hoping thats what it is!

  3. So hard to say since everyone is so different. Usually I keep hope until it drops below the cover line! Good luck.