Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Waiting Again

So it's been a rather long week already. I'm waiting again, waiting to O, story of my life. I'm on CD19 and have been using those digital OPKs since CD15, absolutely nothing. My test line hasn't even been visible. This SUCKS!!! Ugh, I get my HSG done and get told that I have an increased chance of conceiving for the next month or two. Well that's just great, but it would help if I O'd, now wouldn't it. I have O'd for the past 3 months on my own, without any meds, so now that my chances are increased, my body goes on strike, perfect! So I'm not sure what the doctor's office is going to want me to do, do I keep on testing, or go ahead and get my Progesterone check, knowing that I haven't O'd.

I did get the chance this past Saturday to babysit one of Rob's cousins. He's 11months old and it was so much fun. Gosh, I thought it would make me sad, but if anything it just makes me more driven. I want this so badly, not just for me but for Rob too. I can tell it's really starting to take a toll on him too, but he does seem excited that we are finally with an RE. At first I think he was a little hesitant, maybe because it makes it more real for him, since he has to be more involved with everything now. We're still waiting on his S/A and Morph results. I'm praying they'll be fine.

*Update: RE phone consult scheduled for this Friday. I could have waited to see him face to face on October 28, or pay $100 for the phonecall. I chose the phonecall so I don't have to wait two more cycles to get started on a plan. Wish me luck!


  1. Ugh I'm sorry you have O'd YET. I stress the word yet, because you still might. I know how frustrating it is to wait though. And the HSG increases your odds for up to three months. So even if you don't O this month, you still have plenty of time.

    Sending lots of luck your way!!!!

  2. The fact that you haven't O'd yet completely sucks. But, Melissa is right - the HSG increases your chances for 3 months. Perhaps if you missed this cycle, the injectibles will start with the next one.
    And, I would have paid the $100 for the phone consult too. I am so sick of waiting and I am sure that you are too!

  3. Hope that you O soon - so frustrating. Glad you feel so good about moving down the road with your RE.

    BTW the Mad Ifers Tea Party has just started on The Pitter-Patter and you're already swigging back cups of tea with the other guests. Glad you could make it!

  4. Bummer about the late O again... but Carli and Melissa are right- you've got a great window ahead even if you don't end up Oing this month. I CANNOT WAIT to hear how the phone consult goes and what the doc says!

  5. I hope that the phone consult with your RE helps and that you ovulate soon!