Sunday, April 19, 2009

Worst Day By Far

So Rob's Alltel store was robbed at gunpoint today. Rob got home ok, he was really late though, so I was worried about that. Evidently 2 armed men came in to the store around 5pm. One had a black ski mask, the other just had a white t-shirt wrapped around their head. They told everyone to get on the floor and give them all their money. Rob and one other teller immediately pressed the silent alarm. Everyone (including 12 customers) got on the floor. Rob and three other tellers opened their drawers and laid them out for the guys to take. Rob specifically touched only a portion of the drawer so the guys hopefully could leave fingerprints. The men pointed their guns at two of the women employees. Evidently when one of the men stuck the gun to the back of one of the women, Rob said if he had tried anything he had planned to try and tackle him b/c his back was turned. That scared me more than anything, b/c he was willing to risk his life to save his co-worker. It would have been extremely noble, but I'm sorry I want my husband around. After the guys left with only about $600, Rob immediately locked the front door and told everyone to get to the back of the store. All of this happened in the span of about 1 minute, based on the surveillance tapes. If the police had gotten there 30 seconds or so earlier, they might have been caught. But I look at it as good the cops didn't get there sooner, in some aspects, b/c the robbers may have acted differently and someone could have been shot. Rob hasn't gotten upset about it at all. He's actually been cracking jokes with his other co-workers, which has me really concerned. It wasn't a laughing matter. He could have been killed. I'm so upset right now. But I guess this is his way of dealing with it, trying to make it out to be less than it really was. He has to go to a mandatory counseling session at 10am on Sunday, which I think will be good. This was the absolute last thing I thought would happen.

Oh and to top it off b/c I was so freaked out about everything, I tested early and of course got a BFN. So I'm not holding out any hope. And another topper, Rob's store will be closing, and there will be more lay-offs. So there's my 3 shitty things for the month.

And here I was thinking things were actually going well, boy was I wrong.

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  1. Oh Melissa, how scary and frightening! I am so glad that Rob is ok. I will hope for the best for Rob to get transferred. Big big((HUGS))