Friday, April 17, 2009

Progesterone Check and Psychic Prediction

So I got my Prog results today, only 11, not that great. I also went in 2 days later than I normally do, but if I was PG I would think my Progesterone levels would be increasing, not decreasing. So we'll see, it's not over til AF comes.

I also did the free psychic reading from Cheri22 and this is what I got sent today, hoping she's right!!

Hi Melissa, Is it possible that you are pg right now and perhaps too early to test? Like in the two week wait period or even just about to ovulate"? they show an APRIL and girl connection so this is either birth month, concieve month or the month you find out in. Let me know if you have any questions. Best Wishes, Cheri

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  1. Wow- I hope hope hope that she is right. I know how that would add an extra sting if it isn't right. I'm KMFC for you big time--- 3 by May 10th or bust!!!