Monday, April 13, 2009

Some Good News About Insurance

So I called my current GYN and asked if they took my new insurance. The lady in insurance said they are currently in negotiations with my insurance company to start coverage, hopefully by May 1. So I'll call again on the 21st and see what the deal is. Then I may just have to reschedule my appt until after they pick up my company. That would be such a relief if I didn't have to switch doctors again.

As far as school is concerned, I'm still in the midst of changing from Neuroscience to BioMedical. I have a meeting with both department heads to smooth things out, but it looks like it may happen. I'm hoping things will be done by this summer and then I can keep going with my research. So overall, not a bad start to the day.


  1. Yay! See- everything is falling into place. Now that your week has started off a good, positive note... I hope it just keeps building!

  2. Thanks Katie, I hope so too. I go in for my Progesterone check on Wednesday, so hopefully it will be good too. I know it will since I got 2 days of +OPKs. Hope things are going well on your end and that you had a good Easter.