Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Endocrinologist Appt in May

So I got a call from the new Endo in SC that I'm trying to see. I have an appt set up for May 21, which I'm really looking forward to. They evidently make you see an NP historian, to get all your family history and symptoms for like 2 hours, then you finally see the doctor for about an hour. Only really bad thing, is I have to pay out of pocket b/c he doesn't take any insurance, you have to turn in your own claims. So just to go see him will cost $395 up front a week before my appt. Ugh, but if he can get me well, which could allow me to get PG without having to do IUI or IVF, I'll do it, hands down.

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  1. That sounds really promising Melissa! I hope your appointment goes really well. It's a bummer about the insurance issue and definitely makes it more work for you but I agree that if he can get you Pregnant it's totally worth it! Good luck! The appointment will be here before you know it!