Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Out of My Hands

Well the weekend went much better than I expected it to go.  My mom and MIL were very civil to each other.  My family shower was very low-key, we had some good food and good conversation.  I got alot of duplicate things, all of which came from Targe.t or BRU.  I'll discuss what a joy it was returning everything later.  That night the 3 of us went through all of the clothes and sorted things, it was a really nice time, and I'm surprised they did so well.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't think that we'll all be doing holidays together, but it's at least a start. 

Somehow even though people new what we were registered for, I still got tons of duplicate items.  I don't know if it just didn't get taken off my registry or if there is a delay from when the item is bought to when it's off the registry.  All I know is that it was NOT an easy return process at either stores.  Targe.t was the worst by far.  You have to login with your user name and password to get a specific barcode (not just the registry barcode but something different).  This is where the issue first started.  I've been having problems with the online registry site for weeks.  I logged into the kiosk like normal and it said it couldn't find my email.  Then it said my password was incorrect.  The guy helping said well you can use your ID but there's a $70 limit, we probably had well over $300 of returns unfortunately.  I ended up having to get on my phone go to the website reset my password for the 3rd time and hope it worked.  After about 30 minutes it finally did.  We returned the 4 monitors (yes 4 of the same kind) and clothes that we already had, and were luckily able to get enough money to buy our crib, matress, and other necessities.  We then went to BRU and did the same thing.  Returning stuff there was a little bit easier, but of course they gave me issues about not having receipts.  Unfortunately I think this is something people often forget when giving gifts, it helps tremendously if you have them.  My parents were able to pay for the difference on our carseat/stroller, so we got that as well.  We are officially set with pretty much everything we will need!  Now I just have to get the carseat installed by the police/fire dept, wash all the clothes that he might fit in, and pack my bags. 

Well we got another offer on the house, much more reasonable this time.  But of course there's a catch.  The lady wants to build a driveway from the front of our house to the back of the house.  So the sale of the house is contigent on this being possible.  Unfortunately I just don't think there's enough clearance on either side of the house for a driveway.  It would be a really good thing if it worked out especially since she doesn't want to close until late September, but this stupid driveway is probably going to mess up the sale.  Oh well.  2 offers in only a month is really good, but I'm worried that these might be the only ones we get.  The lady had until tomorrow to accept or reject our counter offer and then start the process to get the necessary permits.  I'm hoping that by the end of the week she'll know if putting a driveway in is even possible.  If it isn't then there's no reason to get contractors involved to get estimates and we can go ahead and move on.

So lots going on yet again, but I feel like we're getting closer to a resolution with the house. 


  1. I'm so glad things went a lot smoother than you anticipated. Weird that you got so many duplicates, but obviously not a bad thing after all! Hooray for having almost everything you'll need!

    Still wishing you the best with the house situation. =)

  2. Glad things went smooth. That sucks about the duplicates, but sounds like you got lots of good stuff!

  3. You are getting so close! I couldn't believe when I looked at your ticker that you are only 2 weeks away from being full term. It really has flown by! At least for me :) I'm glad you were able to return most things even though it was a hassle!

  4. It sounds like you are almost ready for that little guy to arrive! Hoping your house stuff gets settled soon!