Saturday, November 14, 2009

BFN IUI#1 and I'm Going to Disney World!

I would have posted earlier, but I just didn't want to talk about it. Obviously I got a BFN on Thursday which was 12dp, my temps started plummeting so I knew what to expect. AF hasn't come yet, but I'm cramping already, so she's on her way. Luckily instead of being bummed, I'm going to Disney World next Thursday spur of the moment with my roomie and her family. Her fiance is in the military so he gets mad discounts. Rob will get to come for the weekend, which will be wonderful. At least now I can ride on all the rides, drink whatever I want, and not care about it. I mean of course I'm devestated, but there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. We are moving forward with IUI#2 and also the DNA Fragmentation Testing for Rob, hopefully we'll get some good results on both ends. Maybe just maybe, we'll get a BFP before the start of 2010.


  1. I'm sorry it was a bfn. That sucks. I hope you have a great time at Disney!

  2. So glad you're going to have such a fun trip, and sorry about the BFN. I really hope next cycle is better for both of us! *toast* to that. With alcohol!

  3. I'm sorry Melissa. It sounds like you are doing a great job keeping positive and moving forward. Have FUN at Disney. I hope you had a happy birthday, regardless of the BFN.

  4. I am so sorry that this wasn't your month. I am very proud of you for your positive attitude. I am so glad that you and Rob have a plan for moving forward with the next IUI and with the DNA testing.
    I hope your birthday was a good one despite the BFN. Have a great time at Disney!

  5. Praying for you sweetheart. ((((Hugs))))

    Enjoy Disney! I'm totally jealous. :-(


  6. I'm so glad you have something to take your mind off of things. I absolutely love all things Disney so have a blast and I'll be thinking about you! I'm sorry this month didn't work out but you sound so positive. I think it probably helps that you finally have an RE on your side to figure things out for you and get you preggo. Love you and have a wonderful time!

  7. Melissa,
    I blog hopped over from who knows where, but anyhoo.....

    We decided to go to Disneyworld too! Our year has been equally shitty in the IF dept (actually it's been 2 1/2 yrs) so we are going over New Years'!

    Woo hoo!!! Have fun!!! And let me know if your friend's fiance' can get someone else tickets....we'd pay him!!!