Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PG Friend at Lab

So I was thinking that when I go to the lab to get my bloodwork done, I wouldn't have to worry about running into PG people I know. Not so today. I ran into my PG friend whose been avoiding me ever since she told me. She and two other PGers who happened to be the only other ones there, were talking none stop about symptoms and the joys of their U/S. It was absolute torture. She said hi and that she was getting b/w done, well duh, I kinda figured as much. We got called back at the same time, but to different nurses. I was in and out and when I was leaving I went by where she was waiting, and she was like, "Well, that was quick." And I said, "Well I'm used to it." and I sped away. I just couldn't face her, it hurts too much right now. She's already starting to show, which means she's probably due in Sept or Oct. Why does this effect me so much?

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  1. I totally just commented on this story on BBC, but why not leave another comment?! :) I'm sorry you had a tough day. Your reaction to your pg friend is totally normal. I think most people dealing with IF feel the exact same way when seeing a pg person- it almost hurts to look. But one of these days, that pg person WILL be you.